About our Family


Phyllis and Perry Holmes

Phyllis is the jeweler and has over 30 years experience in the jewelry business. Perry has worked for the Winn Parish Police Jury for 25 years. They have been married for 36 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. 

Donna and Jesse Dyson

Donna was a teacher in the Winn Parish school system for 25 years. She passed in 2013. Jesse has retired from the State of Louisiana and is a Marine Corp Veteran. They were married for 38 years. They have one child and two grandchildren.

The Building

The Family JewelBox is located on Main Street in downtown Winnfield, Louisiana is a business in a renovated building. In the process of updating the building, the ceiling tiles were removed allowing the original beaded board ceiling to be seen. The horsehair plaster on the brick walls was partially removed, revealing a Monroe, Louisiana wholesaler’s advertisement painted on what was once the outer wall of the building next door. Research indicates it was painted in the late 1800's. An interesting relic from that business has been found and added to the décor. Out front, the old pocket watch sign is a true Main Street landmark. It was first used on Main Street by Mr. J.W. Perdue to advertise his jewelry store. Rita and Charles Baum, along with their children, Robert and Barbara, continued using the sign from the early 1960's when they bought the business, until late 2002. The sign has been absent from Winnfield since that time. It has been restored and newly painted with the new business' name to welcome customers in.

The Kids and Grandkids

Derrick Holmes

The oldest of Phyllis and Perry's children. He works for the State of Louisiana, born in 1984. Has one child, Elijah.

Erin Guin

Donna and Jesse's only child, born in 1985. Has a degree in early education. Married to Phillip Guin. They have two children Sophia and Sadie.

Sara Davis

The youngest of Phyllis and Perry's children, born in 1990. An LPN married to Jeremy Davis. They have one child, Victoria.